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Aging In Place Inspection
by Certified C.A.P. Specialist


Over 75% of individuals who give up their homes, for health/physical reasons, could remain at home with the right planning and assistance.

It takes more than a few grab bars. Your home must be made safely functional, pleasurable and affordable.

An aging in place inspection includes everything that is in a Standard Home Inspection PLUS:

  • More man-hours and industry specialists. (18-24 Man Hours)
  • Specialized inspection of the home designed specifically to evaluate what is necessary for those who want to stay in place as they age.
  • This is a very exhaustive, and detailed inspection that helps you, the homeowner, find out what it will take to continue to live in place for the next 15-20 years without sacrificing your life style, safety, and comfort.
  • Certified CAPS (Certified Aging In Place Specialist)
  • Certified UD&B (Certified Universal Design & Build Specialist)
  • National certified instructor for the National Association of Homebuilders.
  • Created by AARP, AIA, and NAHB to allow people to stay in one home as they age.

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We also inspect pools, spas, crawlspaces which are priced separately.*

We inspect the following items which are priced separately: detached buildings, crawl spaces, basements, extra heat and air zones/hot water tanks, additional stories, sprinkler systems, and the lighting of appliances.*


*Only performed in conjunction with full inspections, at an additional charge

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