Before you buy new or old commercial property


Commercial Inspections with A to Z have teams made up of 2 - 10 experienced inspectors.

Commercial Building Inspections: $600 minimum



• A through inspection of all 8 of the buildings major components: Structure; Exterior; Roof, Attic or Plenum spaces in suspended ceilings; Electrical system; Plumbing; HVAC; Built in equipment and appliances and Interiors.

• A digital report on the commercial property inspection with a complete written assessment of the visible problems.

• We have professionals on-call in case you require additional or more specific evaluations such as electrical engineers, structural engineers, heating and air specialists, roofer, licensed plumber, environmental inspector, mold inspector.


Charges depend on the square footage, the components, type of building, usage, and age. We also inspect pools and spas. A to Z will always provide you a specific price as soon as you provide the building information. Our commercial inspectors will go wherever you need us. We have completed inspections all over Oklahoma as well as in Dallas and Houston.

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