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  1. STRUCTURE: The structural integrity of the building.
    Are there problems with the structure to the point that
    perhaps we need to call in a structural engineer?
  2. EXTERIOR: How is the siding (vinyl or cement), brick, EIFS, stucco, or a combination of different materials. Are there holes, gaps, or cracks? How’s the caulking? How’s the drainage around the building? Are there tree limbs or roots causing damage? Is there anything about
    the exterior that should be noted for repair?
  3. ROOF: Besides the roofing material (shingles or other products), the roof inspection includes the soffit, fascia board, attic – including insulation and ventilation - gutters, and the bracing.
  4. PLUMBING: Everything about the flow of water into or out of the house: Do the toilets flush properly? Does every faucet have hot water? Do all faucets come on? Is there cold water in every faucet? Are they hooked up correctly? Do they drip or leak? Do they have reasonably adequate pressure? Is there bubbling or backup? Is there sewer gas odor?
  5. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: What’s the service amperage? Is it large enough for the home/building? Most older homes have 60-65 amps service which is not enough to carry all the central heat and air, electric stoves, and modern equipment (hairdryers, etc.) that we use today. Do we see any signs of specific problems? Do breakers trip or the ground fault interrupters (GFI’s) pop? Are there any burn marks or scorch marks on receptacles?
  6. HEAT AND AIR: Does the air conditioner work? Does the furnace work? We go over those in detail, taking some temperature readings, checking air flow, looking for visible signs of problems such as scorching, condensation stains, rust ,disconnected ductwork, etc.
  7. BUILT-IN EQUIPMENT OR APPLIANCES: This category includes walk-in refrigerators, washing machines, built-in stoves. These are checked and reported on.
  8. INTERIOR: This category includes wall, doors, cabinets, windows, and floor coverings. Inspections are normally not about cosmetic issues (stained, dirty, ugly), but about checking to see whether something is broken, unsafe, or not working as intended. A missing ceramic floor tile, a jagged piece of wooden flooring, a hole in the dry wall, for example, would be something that would be noted in an inspection report. Do cabinet drawers close and catch properly? Do the windows open? Do they lock?.

House inspections are sometimes confused with appraisals. An appraisal is a professional evaluation of market value. A  residential inspection is a complete written assessment of the structure and all of the visible problems.


In our inspections, we always work as a 2 person team. Typically on a 2200 square-foot, single story slab home, we spend 2-3 hours inspecting the property, giving you 4-6 man hours on your inspection. This is double the time that most companies will spend for you! We also provide all of our customers with a written, 8-part inspection report the day of the inspection that we personally review with you!

We also inspect pools, spas, crawlspaces, well and septic systems which are priced separately*

We inspect all types of homes 100 years old to new construction: with crawl spaces; basements; decks;detached garages; In fact, the home pictured above is where Jack lives and it has been around a long time.

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Re-inspections are priced individually on the right-hand side of the invoice page, approximately two-thirds of the way down. (Copies of the invoice page are provided to the buyers and their agents at the back of our report.)


Our goal is to provide you such a clearly reviewed report that you do not need to pay us to do a re-inspection. A to Z wants you to be able to perform your own re-inspection using our report “Final Walkthrough”. If for any reason you prefer that A to Z Inspections perform your re-inspection, just call (405) 412-7861.


All utilities are to be turned on for the buyer’s inspection. This is the owner’s and/or listing agent’s responsibility. (Check your contract and/or with the real estate professional representing you.) This would include gas, electric, and water, and/or any other fuel sources, e.g., propane. The purchaser should not have to pay for a re-inspection if utilities were not on at the scheduled inspection.

We inspect the following items which are priced separately: detached buildings, crawl spaces, basements, extra heat and air zones/hot water tanks, additional stories, sprinkler systems, and the lighting of appliances.*


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*Only performed in conjunction with full inspections, at an additional charge

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