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Jack Werner believes strongly that you should never quit learning. Besides informing buyers through inspections on the particular concerns of their homes, he wants you to know more and has provided the information below.


Every A TO Z INSPECTOR has passed the national test (approximately half of all Oklahoma Inspectors have not passed any national test). We teach home inspectors at the college level.


Check back often to see what else Jack has added to the library that he knows you want to learn about.

Home Maintenance

Most us take our vehicles in for service, get health check ups, and exercise. When it comes to our home, we mow the yard and water the flowers, but do not service and maintain the house until it is needed.

You should spend approximately 1.5% of your home's value every year on repairs and maintenance. We should not wait until the roof leaks or the unpainted siding deteriorates.

But most people do wait, and that's why you need a home inspection before buying a property. That is also a good reason to get a seller's inspection so you can see what to repair before the buyers look at your home.

The literature below is for information purposes only and cannot be sold or distributed without the written permission of A to Z Inspections in Oklahoma City OK.


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What do home inspectors look for and why you need and inspection whether you are buying or selling a building or house.

Discover how your pool system works and how to tell the tools from the toys.

This literature is for information purposes only and is the property of the Department of Environmental Quality in Oklahoma. It is provided as a courtesy to home buyers on this website by A to Z Inspections.


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ADA Compliant

What ADA compliance can best be explained by those who need it.

Bathroom venting

Bathroom vents should vent warm moist air to the exterior.

CAPS explained

What does it mean a certified aging in place specialist?


Learn about CSST and what you might want to do if it is present.

Defective electrical panels and breakers

Old electric service panels may be fine but learn what the brands are that you should be concerned about and why they could be a problem.

HUD Inspection explained

What does it mean to have a Housing and Urban Development inspection?

Mold: 12 things you should know

Potential health effects and resources

Overhead Garage Door: safety  tips on a sectional garage door

It's usually the largest moving component of your house with hidden dangers.

Plumbing Vents explained

What is a plumbing vent?

Polybutylene Plumbing

Does it need to be replaced?

Saltwater Pool: Advantages and disadvantages

Why you may want or not want a salt-water pool  is often answered by what is best for your family.

Under-Slab Duct repairs

What kind of problems can occur with slab ductwork?

Water Heater Questions?

If you need to replace your tank which kind should you choose and other tips.

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