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New Construction and

Builder's Warranty Inspections

Our visible and accessible inspection list contains over a 1000 items. Our 2 person teams check items to see if they are installed correctly, work properly, and are safe.


A home is an investment and like any investment, should be researched. Builders are usually very thorough and concerned about the quality of their house. However, since most of the work is subcontracted, a new buyer is actually trusting a number of companies to build their homes.


Many items can be over looked and that is where an inspection will give you peace of mind. If you have a 12 month builder's warranty, a full and complete inspection at 11 months would be beneficial to have your builder fix or repair any defects. We find leaks under sinks, improper electrical or loose connections and fixtures, damaged roof shingles, disconnected flues, and one time even an unfinished chimney.

We also inspect pools, spas, crawlspaces which are priced separately*

We inspect the following items which are priced separately: detached buildings, crawl spaces, basements, extra heat and air zones/hot water tanks, additional stories, sprinkler systems, and the lighting of appliances.*


*Only performed in conjunction with full inspections, at an additional charge

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