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Seller's Inspection

Many seller's realize a prospective buyer will be concerned about items that need repair.

The real estate superstars recommend a pre-inspection and owners inspection before the home is put on the market.

Usually referred to as a pre-inspection, industry leaders believe that securing a thorough inspection upfront will result in a faster sale and net more dollars to the owner.

“Knowledge is power” applies here. If an owner can lay down a comprehensive inspection in conjunction with an offer, it places the owner in the driver seat.

Working as a 2 person team on a 2200 square-foot, single story slab home, typically, we spend 2-3 hours inspecting the property, which works out to 4-6 man hours on your inspection. This is at least double the time most inspectors will spend checking over your home! We also provide all of our customers with a written, 9 page inspection report the day of the inspection that we personally review with you!

  The owner can then say: “I know you need to get an inspection. I have had a really tough one done, and here is what I will or will not fix in order for me to accept your offer.”

  The statements I hear about why sellers do not get a pre-inspection prepared to revolve around these thoughts:

If I know about it, I have to disclose it.

I don't want to spend money on an inspection.

There is nothing wrong with my house.

  Stop! Buyers will get an inspection. Thoroughness, preparation, and honesty pay off. If you want the names of real estate superstars or articles or books recommending “Get a pre-inspection”  as priority advice—contact Jack Werner at 405/412-7861.

A pre-sell residential inspection is a complete written assessment of the visible and accessible problems. Forearmed, the seller can get many of these items repaired or disclose any defects.

  Our 2 person inspection teams check  list over a 1000 items. We report if they are installed incorrectly, not working properly, and are unsafe. Simple items like changing air filters, cleaning dirty coils, tightening outlets, etc can be performed before the house is on the market.

  We deliver the most comprehensive inspections, with only state certified inspectors that are highly trained and continually updated in what is going on with construction and housing issues.

We inspect the following items which are priced separately: detached buildings, crawl spaces, basements, extra heat and air zones/hot water tanks, swimming pools, hot tubs, additional stories, sprinkler systems, water wells/septic tanks, and the lighting of appliances.


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