Well and Septic System Inspections

Owners of water supply wells have an exceedingly useful tool that can provide safe drinking water.


A Home Inspector’s Septic Tank inspection is only a Visual and Accessible Inspection. it is our intention to provide useful information and to identify visible symptoms of problems. Our report should identify:

  • If any public records are available;
  • The location of the tank;
  • The type of system: standard with lateral lines, aerobic, lagoon;
  • The location of the lateral line field;
  • If there is any obvious seepage or odors in the lateral line field;
  • If there is bubbling, backup or odors in the house;
  • Explain maintenance information for your system;
  • Identify the location of the cleanout if one has been installed.


Our Water Well inspection is a visual and accessible inspection and includes taking a water sample to the health department for a report and informing you of their findings. Our report should identify:

  • Where the outside well is located;
  • Pressure tank brand;
  • House description including number of bedrooms and bathrooms;
  • Description of the well head including sealed cap, height above ground, distance from septic system, comments/recommended repairs.

We also inspect pools, spas, and crawlspaces  which are priced separately*


We inspect the following items which are priced separately: detached buildings, crawl spaces, basements, extra heat and air zones/hot water tanks, additional stories, sprinkler systems, and the lighting of appliances.*


*Only performed in conjunction with full inspections, at an additional charge

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